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Hatch is a subscription-based podcast editing and strategy service for businesses.

We offer audio editing currently and are expanding our services to include video editing for our customers’ podcasts...

We’re now looking to make our first Video Lead hire. Specifically, we're looking for someone who is an expert in social media clips (and ideally social media clips created from podcasts), and the strategy behind them across all social platforms. We’re not looking for someone whose primary background is in cinematography / TV work / traditional commercials (although it's okay if you have some of that experience as well).

The Video Lead will help design our video offer, and hire, train, and lead a team of video editors to create some of the best podcast video assets in the world.

We are a distributed and international team but prefer US-time zones for this role. Details about us, the role, and the interview process are below.

Role Overview

We’re looking to hire a Video Lead to help build, run, and manage our video department.

First and foremost, we're looking for someone who is excited about what we're doing—you should be passionate about how companies can use podcasting to grow and win, and how video can play a massive part in that for them.

The Video Lead is a key leadership role at Hatch where you will help shape our overall video production strategies and deliverables, manage a team of video editors and animators, ensure we are delivering world-class video assets, and, of course, have fun in the process!

If you are excited about playing a key role in building one of the best and largest podcast companies in the world, then this Video Lead opportunity is for you.

💪 What You'll Do

As we mentioned above, our Video Lead role will hire, train, and lead a team of video editors to create podcast video assets for our customers.

Specifically, you will:

  • In the beginning- be very hands on + do a ton of editing as our sole video editor. You’ll lay the foundation for the team you will help build out + mentor (creating processes, etc)
  • As you build out a team the role will transition to about 80-90% leadership + 10% editing
  • Serve as a key member of Hatch’s leadership team
  • Lead our entire video production team
  • Set the strategy and style as it relates to the types of podcast video assets we create/offer (clips, shorts, long-form, animation styles, etc.)
  • Hire and train world-class video production team members (so they can reach their full potential) ��� Provide guidance and expertise to our team on video strategy, video production processes, story structure/storytelling, and how to get the best results for our customer
  • Set goals and quality standards for our video production department
  • Stay on top of the latest trends in video and podcasting so that we can implement new innovative approaches for our customers

This role will evolve over time depending on the priorities and needs of the business. The most significant needs are outlined above, however, there may be additional responsibilities over time.

About You

Not all of these are hard requirements, but they do describe the kinds of people that we think would be most effective in this role. We’re not looking for someone with a heavy background in cinematography / TV work / traditional commercials- this role needs you to be an expert in social media clips, and the strategy behind it.


  • Ideally, 5 years experience with social media clip video editing/production. You will be responsible for leading our video philosophy, strategy, and production team, and owning the success our customers have as a result of the podcast video assets we help create for them.
  • Experience: You have deep experience with all types of podcast video creative (clips, shorts, reels, long-form, etc.), as well as with story structure and storytelling. Ideally, you have been responsible for the video execution of podcasts before (ideally of different styles/genres).
  • Expertise: You can teach businesses how social media video strategies with their podcast can be implemented across all of the channels they have (YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.). You should be an expert on strategizing across all social media platforms, up to date with the latest podcast video editing trends + be able to execute them in your edits.
  • Leadership: You can hire, manage, lead, and inspire video teams successfully.
  • Vision: You have strong opinions about what makes a good podcast video strategy, but are also flexible enough to change your mind when presented with new information.
  • Innovation: You are innovative. You love trying new and different podcast video strategies with minimal direction.
  • Excellent communication skills. You have the ability to clearly communicate with team members verbally and in written form, as well as with customers (although this role won’t have much customer interaction), and are comfortable leading meetings. Our communication style/voice is fun, friendly, informative, & always professionally upbeat.
  • A broad understanding of social media, business, and marketing. You’ll be working with podcasts from various industries, and across different social platforms. It could be a SaaS podcast or a show about the safety industry. It could be published on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You’ll have to understand the fundamental principles of what makes compelling video content on those platforms, even though you may not know the customer’s industry at an expert level.
  • Attention to detail - Not attention to detail like you remember someone’s name. Attention to detail you notice if someone puts a phrase in italics in an email but missed a letter at the end that’s still in the standard font. Yes, we’re serious.
  • Internally motivated - We don’t (and can’t) micromanage, so if you’re someone who needs to be frequently steered in the right direction or doesn’t work well autonomously, we love you but we’re just not meant to be.
  • Independent thinker - You see the way something has been done, but think independently enough to make it better vs. going with the flow.
  • Intuitive & thorough researcher - You’ve never done it before, but gosh darn it you’ll figure it out if it’s the last thing you do!


  • Kind - Speak and act kindly, regardless of the situation.
  • Empathetic - Able to authentically put yourself in the shoes of customers and teammates.
  • Vulnerable - Able to share those “crazy” ideas, respectfully speak up when you disagree with an approach the team or company is taking, and share when you’re going through something personally challenging so we can support you.
  • Funny - We’re a company run by young, talented, and fun individuals. If you don’t laugh at a good meme, get sarcasm, and have an easily identified sense of humor (even if it’s different than anyone else’s on the team) we may not be a great fit.
  • Personable - Customers and team members would enjoy communicating with you. Never, ever, under any circumstances, are you a naysayer.
  • Proactive - You look ahead to stay ahead of possible challenges & take action before you have to and without prompting.
  • Resourceful - You wouldn’t ask anyone something you could Google.
  • Over-communicative - You’re responsive & engaged, and enjoy speaking to team members. You provide your team & leadership with status updates as needed.
  • Organized - You would honor and improve organizational systems currently in place, keep to-do lists up to date, and manage your time effectively.
  • Trustworthy - We would never have to wonder if you’re working when you say you are, you’d never dream of sharing any inside intel, and you’re always transparent about mistakes.
  • Accountable - You own your work for better or worse, and meet deadlines.
  • No ego - “I don’t need to be right; I need to get it right” aligns with your way of thinking.
  • Coachable - Not just from a willingness to learn perspective, but you also take any feedback to heart and apply it right away. We’re able to see our feedback and guidance in your work as you get up to speed & beyond.
  • Growth mindset - You see consistent learning & improvement as an extension of any role you serve in.
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